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Marko Mäkelä’s electronics projects

When I was about five years old, I learned that it is not wise to connect a flashlight bulb directly to mains power, even though it is possible to attach the cord of a 4.5-volt LEGO motor to the bulb with a piece of tape, and the other end of the wire can be plugged into the cord of a radio cassette recorder. Luckily, I inserted the plug into the wall socket last while conducting the experiment. Digital electronics and embedded systems are easier for me than analog circuits.

Power on your WoL capable computer with a infrared remote control unit that sends Philips RC5 codes
RS-232 Solid State Relay
Control 230 V equipment with a solid state relay from the serial interface
Dynamo-Driven LED Tail Light
Wide input voltage range constant current sources
5 Volts from a Dynamo Hub
Charge the mobile phone or GPS receiver during a bicycle ride
Connecting Atari VCS 2600 style joysticks to USB
Improve the usability and quality of cheap USB gamepads by adding an interface for connecting Atari VCS 2600 style joysticks

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