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Marko Mäkelä: Curriculum Vitae

Basic Information

Date of Birth
October 17, 1973
Military Rank
2nd lieutenant, signalling officer
Marital Status
married, two children
Language Skills



Date Place
November 2016‒ MariaDB Corporation Ab, Espoo
September 2003‒
November 2016
Innobase Oy, Helsinki (since October 2005, part of Oracle Corporation)
  • development of the InnoDB storage engine of the MySQL RDBMS
March 2001‒
December 2003
Helsinki University of Technology, Espoo
December 2000‒
February 2001
European Game & Entertainment Technology, Helsinki
  • design of a multilingual Internet-based game application server
    • relational database layout
    • distributed software architecture
    • communication protocols
  • review of pseudo-random number generator implementations
  • experiments with high-performance interfaces
January 1998‒
December 2000
Helsinki University of Technology, Espoo
May 1997‒
August 1997
Nokia Research Center, Helsinki
  • integrating a TTCN (ISO/IEC 9646-3:1998) environment with the run-time environment of an ASN.1 (ITU-T X.680) compiler
June 1996‒
August 1996,
May 1995‒
July 1995,
February 1994‒
August 1994
Berufsfortbildungswerk GmbH, Bezirksgeschäftsstelle Schleswig-Holstein, Lübeck
  • design and implementation of a database application for magaging participant and billing information of courses
  • network administration and computer support
April 1992‒
August 1992
Database Marketing Oy, Helsinki
  • documenting a database for managing customer contacts
  • connecting the user interface of Windows 3 to an Oracle database in the C programming language (more efficient than Omnis 5)

Teaching Experience

Term Course
Spring 2004 T-79.179 Concurrent and Distributed Systems
Spring 2003 T-79.179 Concurrent and Distributed Systems
Spring 2002 T-79.179 Concurrent and Distributed Systems
Spring 2000 Tik-76.164 Embedded Systems


Jenny ja Antti Wihurin rahasto, 30 000 FIM
Helsinki University of Technology, 10 000 FIM
Tekniikan edistämissäätiö, 20 000 FIM