Tämä asiakirja on saatavilla myös suomeksi. Dieses Dokument ist auch auf Deutsch erhältlich.

Marko Mäkelä’s old computers: Commodore C2N datassette emulator with RS-232 interface: hardware

The schematic diagrams and board layouts of the C2N232 were created by Marko Mäkelä using CadSoft EAGLE, a non-free program that is free of charge for non-commercial use. For your convenience, the images are also available in PNG format.

First prototype design for dual-in-line packaged chips (AT90S2313-DIP20 and MAX232-DIP16).
The two prototype surface mounted designs smd and smdl. The archive contains rewiring instructions to make the board compatible with newer designs.
Cost reduced surface mounted design of the board. There are no resistors, and only one type of capacitors (100 nF) is used. The microcontroller is programmed via the RS-232 interface by cisp.