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Marko Mäkelä’s old computers: Commodore C2N datassette emulator with RS-232 interface: picture gallery

A family portrait of a CBM 8032-SK computer, a CBM 8250 dual disk drive unit, a CBM 4022 tractor printer, and a C2N232 device connecting the CBM 8032-SK rear cassette port to an IBM Thinkpad A20m.
case1.jpg, case2.jpg
A DB25-to-DE9 adapter case modified for the smdcr board. Something is sawed off from both sides of the wider end.
smdcr-bottom.jpg, smdcr-top.jpg
The first unit of the first production run of the C2N232. The components were desoldered from a prototype board. The device is powered from a Commodore cassette port (bottom). The permanently installed jumper wire at the bottom right on the top side makes it possible to update the AT90S2313 firmware when the jumper pad at bottom right is closed. The DE-9S connector provides an RS-232 interface for the host computer. A three-wire interface (RxD+TxD+GND) suffices for normal operation; CTS and RTS are needed for updating the firmware.
A Commodore VIC-20 equipped with a 32-kilobyte memory expansion, connected to an IBM Thinkpad A20m via the C2N232 device for invoking a game of Omega Race.
The C2N232 device between the rear cassette port of a CBM 8032-SK and the RS-232 port of an IBM Thinkpad A20m.
The C2N232 device inserted between the side cassette port of a CBM 8032-SK and the RS-232 port of an IBM Thinkpad A20m.
A CBM 8032-SK is loading a program from an IBM Thinkpad A20m that is connected via the C2N232 device.